Healthy Party Food Fit For A Princess

When planning a princess party, preparing the food can be a little overwhelming! Most mums normally find it easier and cheaper to resort to buying generic party snacks en masse from the supermarket, arranging them on a few pink paper plates and calling it a day.

If you take a look at the food table at most princess parties, you will find an explosion of bright pink, sparkly treats which are just destined to cause a sugar-induced apocalypse of hyperactivity!

Of course, this is perfectly fine in moderation. But what if I told you that there is a cheaper, healthier and more exciting way to cater for your little princess guests?

With the help of some conveniently shaped cookie cutters and some basic Word Processing skills, you can make some simple but mouth watering culinary creations that no princess could possibly refuse!

It is all about tricking your guests into eating healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables and homemade dishes through the use of strategically placed labels and attractive presentation. Hand a child a piece of fruit at a princess party and you can probably expect a pretty sassy reaction…hand a child a fruit WAND, and suddenly melon and blueberries are the tastiest things on the planet!!


Simply use a star-shaped cookie cutter on some slices of melon. Pierce each melon star onto the top of a kebab skewer, thread on some blueberries and ‘Voila!’ (as Lumiere would say)… you have made a Fruit Wand!

Here are some other examples of how you can use a cookie cutter to transform fruit and vegetables into princess themed treats:



Another tactic is to print some eye-catching labels to place in front of your healthy dishes.

Making each snack relevant to a different princess character, or a theme from a princess film can really encourage your guests to see fruit and veg in a different way.


This principle can extend to other types of snacks too, including these cheese cubes decorated with a cut-out of Cinderella’s mice:


Or this special dip carriage for your veggie croquettes, simply but effectively forged from a loaf of bread:


Here are some other examples of how labels can instantly jazz up your princess platters, including pretzels, sandwiches, wraps, and even yogurt:


(Carriage Wheels)

image image    image



(Rapunzel’s Bread Braids)

Another idea is to make homemade pizza slices, cutting them into the shape of crowns with a cookie cutter, topping them with good quality cheese and using healthy ingredients as ‘jewels’ for decoration.


Rather than offering your little guests an array of fizzy drinks, why not offer them water  or fruit juice, even a pink fruit smoothie, and label them with some imaginative names. You could even serve them in some decorative plastic goblets decorated with glitter and maybe just a suggestion of a sweetie, such as a candy cane cocktail stirrer:

image image image

Another very useful and fool-proof decorative option is edible glitter, available from nearly all good baking stores or online. Perfectly safe to eat, a little sprinkling of some pixie dust to add a little finishing touch to your healthy party platters will attract even the pickiest little princess!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for catering your next princess party. These examples just prove that with a cookie cutter, some pretty labels, a hint of pixie dust and a little imagination, you can transform an array of cheap and healthy ingredients into a banquet fit for a princess!

Dominique Chapman


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Hello and welcome to our blog page!


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